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Kaseya Unitrends update

26 Aug 2021 - Frank Breedijk

Mid July 2021 we opened case DIVD-2021-00014 tracking multiple vulnerabilities in Kaseya Unitrends.

These vulnerabilities consited of:

On 12 August 2021 Kaseya released version 10.5.5-2 of Unitrends that patches the the server side vulnerabilities.

The client side vulnerability is current unpatched, but Kaseya urges users to mitigate these vulnerabilities via firewal wall rules as per their best prectices and firewall requirements. In addition to that they have released a knowledge base article with steps to mitigate the vulnerability.

Kaseya has reached out to Unitrends customers with the advice to patch servers and to apply these mitigations for clients.

We have updated our case file DIVD-2021-00014 to reflect this update.

Last modified: 18 Jan 2023 13:28