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CVE-2021-30121 - (Semi-)Authenticated local file inclusion in Kaseya VSA < v9.5.6

CVE CVE-2021-30121
Case DIVD-2021-00011
Discovered by
Products Kaseya:
  • Kaseya VSA
Versions Kaseya:
  • Kaseya VSA
    • 9.x (< 9.5.6)
CVSS Base score: 6.5
Solution Upgrade to a version above 9.5.6
Last modified 20 Jun 2022 09:35


Semi-authenticated local file inclusion

The contents of arbitrary files can be returned by the webserver

Example request: https://x.x.x.x/KLC/js/Kaseya.SB.JS/js.aspx?path=C:\Kaseya\WebPages\dl.asp

A valid sessionId is required but can be easily obtained via CVE-2021-30118

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