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CVE-2023-22581 - White Rabbit Switch - Unauthenticated remote code execution

CVE CVE-2023-22581
Case DIVD-2022-00068
Discovered by
  • Tom Wolters (Chapter8)
Affected products
Product Affected Unaffected Unknown
CERN White Rabbit Switch >= v.x.y.z < v6.0.1 to < v6.0.1
everything else
Page author Victor Pasman
CVSS Base score: 9.8 (CRITICAL)
Problem type(s) CWE-20 Improper Input Validation
Impact(s) CAPEC-1 Accessing Functionality Not Properly Constrained by ACLs
Last modified 12 May 2023 11:55


White Rabbit Switch contains a vulnerability which makes it possible for an attacker to perform system commands under the context of the web application (the default installation makes the webserver run as the root user).

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